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About us

Joe Amato's face

Joe Amato is a professional commercial photographer in New Jersey, with 20+ years of experience in creating impactful branding imagery.


Our goal is to help you create professional imagery that will showcase your brand and products. We use our years of experience to capture the best version of you, your products, or your beautifully created architectural spaces.


It’s all about the imagery and what it says about the quality and attributes of your brand. Your brand is more than just your logo, and professional photography can help you bring your brand’s vision to life.


Joe Amato Commercial Photography provides full-service pre/post-production capabilities to ensure the highest quality final deliverables are always met.


We can create your images in the studio or on-site at locations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas.

Our Services

Product/Lifestyle Photography

Product photography plays a crucial role in the success of your business.Professional product photography not only increases the perceived value of your products but the trust of potential customers.

People Photography

In New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas, Joe Amato Photography can help capture the people side of your business in it’s best light.

Medical Device

Medical Devices Photography

Professional medical device photography can emphasize and enhance the details of the medical device, help the professionals better understand their functionality and purpose and provide illustration and usage guides to the final consumer.

Residential Architecture Photography

When you choose to work with us for your residential architecture photography, you get professional results with every shot. Our specialized techniques of using blending exposure methods with additional lighting applied, gives you accurate color and detailed images.

commercial architecture photography of interior building entrance

Commercial Architecture Photography

Many companies and businesses in a variety of industries utilize our services to capture their beautifully designed buildings or spaces in the best possible light. We collaborate with our clients to understand both the importance and attributes of their designs.

science and technology photography of lab testing device

Science/Technology Photography

At Joe Amato Photography we take the time to learn and understand your products and services to help highlight the true capabilities with every image.The result of this attention to detail is images that accurately reflect the capabilities of your products and services.

Golf course photography work from fairway

Golf Course Photography

Golf Course Photography is a labor of love for Joe Amato Photography. Combining my love of the game of golf with my passion for photography, we provide professional images of your golf course and its’ luxurious amenities.

What it's like to work with Joe Amato Photography

Joe Amato photography strives to be your branding partner.


Our goal is to share our clients, vision for their brand advertising and help bring it to life.


The pursuit of great light is what drives me to create images. The technical process of accentuating texture, color, and shape on any given object or space. The beautiful unexpected subtleties you can’t always plan for but anticipate. I routinely think about all of these elements before every shoot.


Contact me today and let’s have a conversation about how professional photography can enhance your brand with impressionable images.