Your brand’s image is essential, so professionally photographed portraits of your people should be a top priority. Ideally suited for your printed marketing materials, website, social media posts or company directory. In New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas, Joe Amato Photography can help.

Always Options

  • On Location Shoots – Whether you need a standard executive portrait, environmental portrait, a shot of the corporation’s top officers, group shots, or the board of directors, there’s no need to take time out of your daily schedule to travel to deal with a photo shoot. Instead, Joe will bring professional lighting and mobile studio equipment to your location, making it a comfortable, stress-free experience.
  • The Portrait Process – Utilizing a 17 inch laptop during the shoot makes for a quick and easily confirmed best results process. You have the opportunity to view the images immediately following your session. You can even make your selections right away, helping give you a measure of confidence with the final results. You get photos that work with all of your marketing materials, shot on your schedule at your office location. We also include retouching with every selection.

High quality executive portraits are a must, as the wrong image can say quite a bit about your company’s culture and your employees. We use experience and knowledge to quickly deliver images that create a positive first impression of your brand and it should start with your people represented in the best possible light. Contact Joe to schedule a consultation today.