With the experience only decades of product photography can provide, We have  specialized techniques and skills necessary to highlight any product line and brand specific styling. Your search for a professional product photographer in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas end here.

  • On-Site Photo Shoots – With excellent lighting and set building capabilities, we work while you work. Making it easier for you to handle your daily schedule and still keep an eye on the photography set at the same time. Providing location services for when the products can’t be easily shipped or moved from premises.
  • Studio Option – Need something a bit more convenient? We can capture your product images and immediately have them viewable, allowing you to make changes and art direct in real time. You don’t actually have to be on- set to make certain you get the perfect image of your products. If you prefer to be in studio, we will make all accommodations for a large production shoot as well. Contact Joe today for more information.